Birdshot for home defense? Hell no!


The video below is about an active shooter at Seattle Pacific University in 2014. The attacker shoots the 19 year old student, Sarah Williams, in the chest with birdshot at close range. She was able to walk away and collapsed as she was trying to exit the building. She was hospitalized later that day, underwent surgery, and was released from the hospital a week later.

In a home defense scenario, you need to stop the thread fast. This example shows that birdshot is not a good choice. The victim was lucky in this case that the attacker didn't understood terminal ballistics. There are many home defense shotgun ammunition discussion threads on the Internet and in this very forum. There is almost always someone recommending birdshot, because it doesn't go through interior walls. That someone is then justifying his ammunition choice with the claim that birdshot will still somehow stop the thread. This video proves otherwise.


Another story about an unsuccessful use of birdshot - Tribal officer shot, Covelo man in custody:

A Round Valley Tribal Police officer was shot in the face by a man who fled on foot on Tuesday, but was not injured, according to a press release from the Sheriff’s Office.
A homeowner in the 22500 Block of Refuse Road in Covelo called Round Valley Tribal Police around 10 a.m. to report an armed man. Two tribal officers responded and, seeing the suspect holding a shotgun in the driveway, one confronted him and demanded that he drop his weapon.
According to the release, the suspect fired one round at the officer with a birdshot. The officer shot back twice, missing the suspect, who was hiding behind a car. The suspect put down his gun when witnesses yelled at him to drop it, then took off his shirt and put his hands in the air, feigning surrender, before taking off. Officers saw him running to the west, but lost him.

The tribal officer who had been shot at was not injured, since he was about 50 feet away from the suspect. The release said the pellet did not break the skin because it had dissipated before reaching his face.

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