Best Ruger SR9 Holster IWB


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I need help deciding on which holster is the most comforable, cheapest, long-lasting and best looking holster to buy for my new pistol.

Can any of you give me some reviews on those aspects before I make the purchase? Best Values please.

SR9 Kydex holsters

I've found Alabama Holster Co makes a wide selection of Kydex holsters for many handguns including the SR9. Their quality is very good and prices are fair. They feature several models in each style of holster, pocket, belt, IWB, etc.
I carry mine in a Kholster. You're not going to find all your criteria in one piece. I don't much care what they look like... if I'm doing it correctly I'm the only one that ever has to look at it.
I bought the Blackhawk Serpa Concealment Holster from Gander Mt. for 50 bucks. You can get it elsewhere for 40 bucks but I didn't want to wait. Overall the fit and feel of the holster is awesome and I really like the ease of use. The release is exactly where I handle the gun when out of the holster so the motion is smooth when pulling out the gun. It comes with a belt loop or interchanges to a paddle loop which I use. The holster is very secure when pulling the pistol out where the belt loop wants to pull your pants up till tight before release. The paddle has more friction against the body to hold it tighter and the paddle can be placed anywhere over the belt loops. I searched for a week before deciding on the Blackhawk and I'm glad I did. I made a wise purchase.

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