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Hello im trying to find som accessories for a bersa .45 ultra compact im looking for a place to get s good conealment holster and a few stainless steel magazines at a good price.I was wondering if anyone has sent any rounds down range yet or if any one now anything good or bad about the bersas

Bersa is great

I do not own the Bersa 45, however, I do own the bersa 9 ultra compact and I have shot the bersa family from .380 to 45. The 45 shoots well, at least for a gun of that price range. The compacts shoot like compacts, so it does take some effort to hit 25 yard ranges as they leap a bit in your hands. I absolutely love my bersa 9 ultra compact. I keep it in a smart carry holster. The DA/SA feature of the gun leaves complete comfort in being able to keep loaded with or without safety with no issues. The trigger pulls on the 9-45 series are virtually the same. A very long 8 or so pound pull with a clean break. They are very easy to break down and clean. The ultracompact of the 9mm takes 13 rounds but also takes the full size magazines that hold 17 for the fullsize 9mm. The fullsize version of the 9mm rivals well with the standard beretta m9 at least in my hands. But at a lower cost for sure. The grips are a bit wide for some including myself, but not hard to adjust as the lower price yet quality allows me to adapt to a few issues. The magazines for the bersa are about my only beef. They are highly expensive in comparison to other guns, and I've probably bought a beretta by now with the additional magazine purchases. But I have a ton of magazines for this gun as it makes range visits real quick. I've shot over a thousand rounds easy, and I have never ever had a fail to feed of any kind. At least none that were atributed to the gun. All others were easily because I was non traditionally shooting with a weak handed approach just to see where the guns limits are. I've feed remington, whinchester, CCI, blazer, and many others through the gun, it likes them all. I particularly like remington jhp because their cheap and are accurate in this gun. Note: Extremely Cheap ammunition like that russian stuff will FTF in this gun, but that is to be expected.

Holsters a bit hard to find for this gun. I took out a caliper and measured the dimensions and then went to the gun store to find a comparable gun of the same size. Be real nice or know the gun store owner and he will let you shop through guns till you find a comperable match. I've gotten close enough with leather holsters to get a snug fit. Kydex holsters are almost impossible, but I can live with that I dont use kydex often. As far as problems, I have not had anybody mention issues really with the bersa 9-45 series, but only with the .380 series. They are a different design and have more issues. If you do ever have problems you can send your gun to a gunsmith and have it fixed as there is a lifetime warranty. Colorado Gun Works out of Ft Collins knows the bersa forwards and backwards.

I would seriously recommend going to this is a forum for bersa gun owners and it is really benefitial in getting information. There is a holster maker who makes holsters for the bersa series. Ugly Bald Guy or UBG holsters makes nice leather and I believe kydex holsters for the bersa. They are a bit pricey but everyone swears by them. The accessory mounting rail on the bersa is useless really, I got a weaver rail mount adapter that clamps onto the existing rail and use weaver mount flashlights and stuff for the gun. It works supremely well. You can find this and other accessories for the bersa series at

I've had good luck buying magazines from They have been low priced at the time I have found them. Gun Stores are starting to catch on and you can find cheaper mags sometimes locally instead of net, that just requires some shopping around. Hope this all helps. Fire away if you have any more questions.
My T45UC

has been daily carried for over 3 years now in a BladeTech kydex IWB...and never been a problem at all. I ordered the one that was designed to fit 1911's, and the Bersa 'snapped' right in, the barrel breaks right even with the open end of the holster.

Some folks prefer leather over kydex, but in my climate, the kydex is a personal choice...good retention, easy to re-holster, easy to clean, totally sweat resistant, and has not done any significant wear to the pistol's matte finish.

The Bladetech was ordered online, very reasonable price, quick delivery, and no issues whatsoever...


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