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I was going to the VA hospital in Martinsburg WV and when I reached Charlestown WV on RT 9 had to stop at a light. I was driving my wife"s Prius and pulled in the L lane because 2 Harleys and a 70s For Pickup were in the R land. The @ bikes had a guy on 1 and a guy and girl on another. I pulled away fronm the light and got 1/4 mi in front of the Pickup and pulled to the right ln. At tat time I observed the bikes come around the pickup and they started following me closely but not tailgaiting.When I got off 9 I took the convoluted route into the hospital and decided I was being followed. I went into the VA and they were checking IDs but these guys followed me right in, one parked in fornt of the ER, 1 in the end of the lot where he could see who left. I parked and the one in the end of the lot drove real slow thru the lot and found my car and parked beside it. I watched fro beneath a tree and the girl was with the bike at ER but the other guy was out of sight. The guy who parked, walked to the ER, pointed toward my car and she walked toward it and he eased the bike thru the lot. They stood by my car and looked in the window. I went inside and told the Fed Police about it and they kept saying it was just coincidence but followed me to another lot and brought me back. When I came out a dif. bike w/2people parked at the end of the street where I parked and I got the police again. Had them follow me to the gate and give me 5 min headstart.

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