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I have been looking into reloading tools @ cabelas and ran into the
Lee hand press $36 plus dies
Lee classic loader $21 one caliber
have any of you used these tools? obviously they are not as good as a high end press, but would they be a smart investment for someone who was trying to decide if reloading was right for them? Thanks

Lee Reloader Press

I have the Lee Reloader Press which is an aluminum C-face design. It gets the job done even with my 338WM rifle cases. $36 from Link Removed

I chose this one just to get into reloading and save money. It works. I am loading 338WM, 30-06, and 45ACP so far. I will eventually upgrade to a turret type press just to save time adjusting die settings.
I have been reloading for a little over thirty years, everything from 220 swift to 338 in rifle and from 38 to 44 mag in pistol. I will give you my 2 cents. STAY AWAY FROM THE PLASTIC. Look on E-bay, go to the local gun shop and ask about used reloading equipment, look in the paper at local garage sales. I have talked to many people who started out with cheap equipment, and gave up on it because of broke pieces, stuck cases, not consistent seating on bullets,not consistent seating on primers, etc...etc. You can pick up a RCBS partner press and a set of 505 scales for practical nothing. You can add to your equipment a little at a time. I can spend hours at my reloading bench, and find it very relaxing because I am not having to fight it.
Like RDW said, stay away from plastic, and I would also suggest stay away from aluminum. RCBS rockchucker is the way to go. It's a single stage and will last longer than you will. It will handle just about anything but the 50 cal's. I have had one for over 30 years, and it still has 30 years to go, at least. Yep, they arn't cheap but like anything else, you get what you pay for.

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