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Looks good that I will be moving back to NY, (fingers crossed)

Anyway, I still have my NY Permit (oops I forgot to turn it in when I transferred, was in the military and NY was always my home of record is my thought process) it is one of the green paper ones that is about 15 years old, buit never expires nor has any guns on it.

The issue I have is this:

If I move back I will need to bring my guns in and get them put on my permit. (And coming from a less gun friendly state …NJ.. I find that humorous.)

So I guess my questions are:

How do I get back into the system, so to speak, or do I need to go back and re-start the entire process?

Also what is this silliness I heard that when you buy a gun you have to go to a judge and ask his permission?

And where can I find which counties are worthwhile re: issuance and my favorite The ‘leave me alone factor” of Firearms ownership?

i read something once a guy wrote about a situation similar to yours. he was moving back from out of state. i dont think he had a ny permit already though. but legally i guess he had to have a registered ffl dealer hold on to his guns for the time being of going through the process. as for the judge thing. i live in saratoga county. one of the stricter counties as far as giving out permits goes. we dont have to go infront of the judge here. we must have 4 character references completed and returned. maybe in the more rural counties you do somethin like that. and i here the process is quicker and easier in the rural counties. welcom back to ny.:)
I figure once I know where I am going to end up I will find a quaily sportsmans club,then a friendly FFL, and go from there.
I got my NY permit when I was 18 - a long time ago - spent 26 years in the military and then retired out of state.Still have it with my home-of-record address.

Called the permit office in Cattaraugus County a while back asking basically this same question. When I asked how long it was good for or if there was a time limit where I had to move back to NY, the clerk told me there was no time limit. Based on that, I'd say since you have your permit, you would just need to update your address and, of course, have your handguns listed on the permit. You'll probably have to take them to the permit office so they can verify the serial numbers. I'd give the local office a call to be sure

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