Anyone cc a HK p30sk or Sig p320sc?


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Would love to hear the experience of anyone who carries a HK p30sk or Sig p320sc. I'm considering one of these 2 guns as my new edc but their size does concern me a little with regard to being able to conceal them without printing. I'd like to hear your holster choice and placement, your take on the guns' shootability (felt recoil, ergonomics, etc), and your opinion of how easily the gun runs (or could be run) one handed. Thanks!!

P320 has GREAT ergonomics, soft crisp trigger pull, runs quickly and smoothly one or two handed, easy operation. Does great on runs No misfires or mechanical/misfeed issues(100 rounds fired). Son almost bought it for his ccw but went with the Springfield subcompact 9mm. Don't know much about the HK. My b-i-l has one. Likes it a heck of a lot better than the Block gen4 40.
I do not have any of those firearms. As for concealing, the Sig is close to a Glock 19 and the HK is smaller. There should be no issue in concealing them, assuming you use a proper holster and dress properly. I have the Glock 19 and carry it IWB at 4 o'clock with an NSR Tactical LLC4 holster. The Sig P320 is good to go in terms of reliability and utility:


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