Anyone a member of Grassroots?


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I recently became a CCW sheepdog. I looked at the National level organization for guidance (NRA) but I want a close-to-home group to keep me informed on what's happening in SC as a primary concern not as 1 of 50 states. So I found Grassroots of SC on the question is are you guys familar with them? There is a gun show here in Florence Sat and Sun and I plan to go by the table and chat with them for a minute or two.... Over the months I've found good advise here on this forum..So pipe up about the group please...

Thanks, Symtron

UPDATE: I joined back at the Florence Gun Show, I forgot to come update you guys on my decision. I enjoyied talking with the booth persons all most as much as seeing the vendor section. I left there very happy to be a CCW permitee and a gun nut! Just kidding about the "nut" but I tell you this I was treated with upmost respect and welcomed to the show by all the vendors I spoke too even tho' I told them I was just looking they took time to explain many of the weapons to me. Good thing I didnt have more money on me cause I'd spent even more than I did...

Been a member for a long time... it's the ONLY org here protecting us. GoSC (the NRA state affiliate) is the sole reason you can't carry in restaurants, and they have screwed up several other bills (including the recent school carry bill) and yet try to take credit for helping. BTW, I'm a long-time life member of the NRA, so yes, I can criticize them at the state level - the national efforts are much better and I support them.
Please go by the table at the next show... you'll be surprised. If you have any questions, please feel free to pm me

Thanks Howard,

I heard the same from my co-worker about GoSC. I have heard and read enough to join. Its a great idea to post the back issues of The Defender online. I enjoyed reading then and got a history lesson at the same time
I too am a member of both and from every thing I hear and read what HPJ3 said above is right. Grass roots is worth supporting on the state level... NRA doesn't do diddle here.

My biggest 'problem' with the NRA is their stance on keeping existing gun laws and not letting them get any stricter... "what we got is fine." On the face of it this sounds good until you have to realize that you can never win a war defending your existing position, you have to go on the offensive at some point in time or you will eventually lose.

Grass roots does this.. they also know that to get anything done in the state legislature you have to take little biddy steps, one at a time... if you throw a lot of stuff (big sweeping law) at those politicians, they will run and buck like a hot blooded donkey on crack.

the yahoo group, [email protected], is where to get this information and for very lively discussions some times.
I'm a member of Grassroots also, I'm also a member of the Lowcountry friends of the NRA Comittee who meets in the tri-county area, I regularly volunteer at the local gun shows with grassroots
I do think Grassroots may have an accounting problem. last year around this time I realized I was claiming to be a member then looked and discovered I had not written them a check in over 2 years. So I not only sent them a check for this past years dues but the previous two years.... I had been claiming membership all that time. Now I'm wondering where my membership renewal bill is?

edit: yep, I checked.... I sent them a check last January 6th.

Then again they could just pull a 'Brady' and claim they represent all gun owners in the state regardless of who pays membership. The Brady campaign did this in some law suit with the courts.... claimed to represent non gun owners... and got away with it.
Member here too.

Reluctant member of the NRA also.
Don't care for some of their directions and Wayne LaPierre.
Seem they are focus less on US Gun Owners in the last decade.
Tried of the constant fund raising.

Thinking about adding GOA to the list.

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