Another win for CWP holders against thugs. 50+ year old woman kills burglar.


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Apparently her shot placement was pretty good with one shot from a 22 killing the thug.

Does that surprise you?? A surgeon friend of mine once told me that there are to ammo calibers that he has the greatest fear of. One is the venerable .45 because of its sheer size and knock down tissue destructive power. And the other is the .22. He says that the worst wound channel he has ever had ti try to repair was caused by a .22 . he said it entered just below the chin, went down through the chest after hitting the spine, taking out a lung, going through the heart, hitting a rib and tearing up the stomach and ending up in the intestines. While he was able to repair most of the damage, the patient still died of sepsis from intestinal and stomach fluids leaking into the abdomen. I feel safe carrying either my .22's, my .45's or one of the few other calibers that I own.


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Good news for this clerk. I'm sure he would of killed her after he has his way. It's articles like this that I overload my Facebook page with. I always tell people, "see this article....this is why I carry." She was robbed before, so she took action. And I love reading these articles...not like ones out of Long Island where a robber shot and killed 3 people.
Side note, I suspect no criminal will go to this Motel anymore Haha. That woman deserves a free vacation on her employers wallet.

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