Ahahahaha! Might want to rethink this next time SHARK.


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I'm surprised they couldn't stop it legally. In NYS, interference with lawful hunting activities will land you in jail for the night if you persist after being told to stop by an leo.


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Good ole' boys got themselves a UFO! Good for them. I watched the video From the Blaze. The activists actually tried to chase the shooter down.

Something is a lot fishy from what the drone showed and what the commentator said. The video showed the wing shoot from the air. There is a stand of trees between the open field where the sportsmen were gathered and what looks like the road surface they launched the drone from. The stand looks to be at least 300 feet deep.

The commentator said the hunters were able to shoot down the drone while the drone was flying over the road.

Simple trigonometry tells me there is no way a shotgun would bring down the drone if what the activist say were true.

Given the apparent height of the trees they "confronted" the hunter's in (supposed landing spot after the UFO was brought down), the elevation the UFO would have to be flying at to get a good look of the open field and the depth of the stand of trees, the shotgun shot would have to be over 1200 feet. Not gonna happen.

Now if the wing shooters expected this and had AA batteries set up, well then.... :crazy_pilot:


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Hey Bubba hold my beer and watch this might be heard around here. Although I do not drink, I still like to be a little redneck sometimes.lol

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