AG Galesi 25cal. Auto


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As many of you know my Father passed about a year ago. I thought I had got all of his guns but as I was going through some of his things this past week (was speeding time with the family for Christmas) I found an old 25cal. Auto. It is an AG Galesi Made in Italy and Imported for Florida Firearms Miami Fl. It is nickel plated and seems to be in good shape with plastic white grips. Any one out there know anything about this little bagger. Any info would be helpful.


They were imported in the 60's and 70's by the company that was later called F.I.E. (Firearms Import and Export) out of Miami / Hialeah, Florida. They were inexpensive little Italian made autos that were brought into the country by the thousands. We used to get a few used ones in the gun shop where I worked part time several years ago. We sold them for about 75 to 100 bucks. The only place you might find extra mags or parts, is from Gun Parts Corp / Numurich Gun Parts in New York. Most were rather cheaply made and somewhat unreliable, but fill it with quality FMJ ammo and test it. It it works, hang on to it. It might be a handy little back up gun to slide into your pocket in warm weather. Alot of guys bought them back in the day, because it was an inexpensive little pocket gun that would get a bad guy off of you, but wouldn't break the bank.
Ya kinda what I thought. But it was my Dads and it is an older gun so I may just keep it just because. Thanks for the info.
My cousin got shot with one of those.
He found out about it a few days later and was really pissed at the guy. :biggrin:

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