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Anyone familiar with the range laws and/or how shooting areas are designated by the county? I have a few acres of pasture land and want to built a small square range completely surrounded by 10 foot berms. Looking for something/anything from Ada County that says I can or can't. Thanks for any help you can offer.


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Okay, here is what I have found:

8-5-3-105: SHOOTING RANGE:
A. Written Approval: The applicant or owner shall obtain written approval from the federal bureau of alcohol, tobacco, and firearms.

B. Outdoor Range:
1. The proposed use shall be within a rural district, but outside the Snake River birds of prey national conservation area or wildlife habitat area as depicted in the Ada County comprehensive plan.
2. The master site plan shall designate the layout of the range including, but not limited to, shooting platforms, targets, target backstops, and berms.
3. The range shall be designed and located so no ammunition travels off site.
4. The applicant shall provide written documentation that the proposed target backstops conform to the standards for outdoor ranges in "The NRA Range Source Book" published by the National Rifle Association.

It doesn't stipulate any difference between a public or private range so far as I can tell. You may want to look up local noise ordinances as well, depending on how far away your neighbors are.

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