A CCW own life saved in Detroit.


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Good ending for a CCW in Detroit.



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In other news tonight, police suspect carjackings to decline. +1 GG. These are the articles I like to see. one less scumbag on the street. He chose the wrong car and I'm sure he was saying "I regret this decision!"


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The CCW citizen did everything right except maybe talk to the press, although doing so put an immediate explanation for what happened in public.

Instead of this... "Today a man shot a teenager in a conflict at a gas station. The teen tried to escape but as he was doing so he lost control of the vehicle, striking a tree and ending up upside down in the middle of the street, to the horror of onlookers. The accident proved to be fatal to the teen and the man who fired the shot was immediately taken into police custody."

...we get this news story with the back story filled in. Works for me, but I hope it doesn't prove to be a mistake for the gentleman. He did present himself very well.


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Does anyone know what the status is with the DA's office. I hope nothing happens to the GG. Does Michigan have any laws that state if a person used a firearm in self defense and the other party was injured or killed that the family/estate of the BG cannot take civil action against the GG???


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Good for him. Too bad a young man took that path...

Now let's hope the liberal DAs keep their peepees in their pants...


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Here is another example why we carry!

DETROIT -- A 16-year-old was killed Friday during a gun battle inside a Detroit McDonald's, Local 4 has learned.

Sources said the teen tried robbing the fast food restaurant, which is on Six Mile Road near Livernois Avenue, by jumping over the counter but was confronted by a retired police officer who was also inside.

Detroit Police Lt. Dwane Blackman said the teen and retired officer were both armed and exchanged more than a dozen shots. The teen was killed.

No one else inside was hurt.


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Sadly these incidents will be occuring more and more. People are desperate, and this coming generation has had little guidance from mom and/or dad, and playing violent video games. Aside from the young ones, ppl loosing jobs and not having handouts from the Feds will turn to whatever they can to survive. I wish I could believe things will get better.......but we are a long ways away from that. Pray only the evil will parish in one way or another.

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