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    Worst LEO Weapon Retension practice I've ever seen

    At Starbucks in downtown Portland yesterday, I saw a plain clothes LEO there talking to a Multnomah Sheriff. He had what looked like a Glock 26 or 27 with +2 base plate in an OWB holster at 4-5 oclock with no retention device. His shirt was tucked in so the weapons was clearly visible...
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    Threat Dynamics session - very cool stuff

    I just attended a session at Threat Dynamics (Link Removed). Threat Dynamics operates a 300 degree virtual Threat Arena where you're put in a real life threat situation. You're given a real Glock 17 that uses a C02 magazine to help simulate recoil (felt like about 60-70% of a Glock 17) and the...
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    Bad news on the Senate Front for Reciprocity and Privacy

    Got this email today from State Senator Kruse on the state of 3 pro gun house bills on the state senate floor. I had already emailed the 5 senators on the committee telling them that I strongly support these bills. WEEK SEVENTEEN I have received a massive amount of emails this week on...