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I just attended a session at Threat Dynamics (Link Removed). Threat Dynamics operates a 300 degree virtual Threat Arena where you're put in a real life threat situation. You're given a real Glock 17 that uses a C02 magazine to help simulate recoil (felt like about 60-70% of a Glock 17) and the Glock is equipped with infra red laser to score hits. The scenarios felt realistic and they really get the adrenaline going.

It seemed to me that this type of technology would be a great tool to add to an individual's CCW training regimen. It seems particularly useful in practicing shoot/don't shoot scenarios, breaking tunnel vision, and maintaining situational awareness as the lethal encounter unfolds. I found the beauty of the 300 degree arena was that on more than one occasion, I was so focused on the threat in front of me that I didn't see his partner coming from the side. Usually that was the one that "got me". You are left no doubt when you're hit because you're wearing a shock belt. I just can't get that kind of training shooting paper targets at the range.

An additional element that I found interesting is that this can also be a training tool in helping our verbal command / de-escalation skills. The operator can make the threat respond in multiple ways in response to our verbal commands. The situation can be designed to escalate to the use of deadly force because of poor verbal skills however as in life it might also go there anyway even if you did everything right. Shot placement also mattered when stopping a threat.

Has anyone had any experience with this kind of training? If so was it effective or did it not live up to the hype? Although it doesn't replace live fire practice and multi-day intensive Defensive Handgun training courses with live firearms it seems that this could be another tool in the training tool belt.

I'm not in any way affiliated with Thread Dynamics - just a happy customer.


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I've looked into such training courses, but unfortunately they are way outside my affordability range. It seems like a good idea to take on that kind of training; it seems that everyone who owns a gun thinks they will handle it perfectly in a defensive situation when under stress. It takes a course like this to show them that they need to keep training.

Maybe one day I'll be able to afford it. Thanks for the review!

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