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  • Hunter, I also probably going back to Ga. in the next year of so. PLan to find a nice spot I can easily set up tight security. As far off the beaating path as I can get. It's just me in the wife right now. I used to train dogs for protection and as guard dogs. Once I get settled in I will have a couple foot soldiers on the front lines too.I had two pits here at one time, but due to my disablity I could not spend time with them like I wanted and I was traveling alot. But once I am settled again, it will be plenty secure.I got a Savage .308 the other day. Just got the bipod installed and a temperary optic mounted. It's pretty nice for the money I got in it. You take care and I leave for Atlanta in the am. Have a good Thanksgiving!
    Hunter, I appreciate the info. I am going to install my own video system that can be moniterd on my Laptop or a small tv moniter, which I already have. Gonna get 4 cameras for now, then maybe more later. It might not chatch them red handed, but thier ass will be on TV for the cops to see. Man I get pissed when I type a response only to have to delete due to to many words...uhhhh!
    Sorry to hear about the break-in. I have "Absolute" security, and do not know if they are out there or not. If they are, you need to check them out. I live out in the woods also, but close enough to have Dominoes deliver (lucky I guess). Absolute also has wireless (in case you do not have a hard line Phone). I had been broken into twice before I got Absolute. Their name is "Absolute Protection" 228-475-1888. I do not know if they monitor the 601 area or not, but it is worth a try. They have all types of monitoring services. They are pretty good, (ha, I sound like an advertisment for them). It really sucks being robbed, because your faith in everyone around you is taken away, and only time will soften the feeling.(Had to remove alot of my comment - it was to many characters) Anyway, look into a good security system (if possible). Good luck, take care, Hunter
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