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  • Hey, Georgie .... I was in the Soo for a reunion in 2005, before retired from State Dept. Now back in E. Africa doing a stint as a regional security advisor to an unnamed country. Had an exchange going with 'wuzfuz' too, and likewise much delayed in responding to him. A lot depend on the s... that is going down........ more s... + less time or inclination to 'chat'. Only regret in this job is my personal Beretta 84 FS could not come with me. Can't use big caliber stuff anymore or puts my wrists out of commission and the pain level out the top for weeks. Such is life ... beats the alternative, of course.
    Ugh, missed your responses due to a bad fall, surgery and recovery - just noticed reasponses. Get me back on track if you don't mind.
    The Soo is getting bigger it offers everything I need. We now have a Super Walmart that will open 4th of July. We live in the Brimley area, that pic of me was at Whitefish Pt last spring , the wind off Superior was cold.The last two winters were very cold and lots of snow. You should take a trip up and see all of the changes.
    Long story short - I live in Adrian, MI - about 45 minutes SW of Ann Arbor, 45 minutes SE of Jackson, 20-30 minutes NW of Toledo, OH. Basically US 223 and M-52 on the map of Michigan.

    I like my Glock in 40, always looking for decent priced Glock in any Cals. I like my M&P 45 too. I always like a 1911. Ranking favorite is tough, I like small conceals and I carry others as duty. M&P 45 for the 10+1 of JHP (total 31 rounds for the duty gear), a 1911 or Beretta M9 are probably second based on the common usage I get from the military side, then any Glock.
    The Walther P99 I wasn't as fond of the grip, it is a lot like the S&W's but not the same as an M&P. If you can get a decent Bowning, they are a good thing. EAA seems pretty decent, along with CZ and TZ. Don't rule out Taurus, they make some decent stuff.

    Good luck, stay safe, and keep an eye out for the BG's, Our best wishes to all who serve this great nation of ours, no matter what service they are in. I Salute you.
    Llama what logo where you talking about in your message to me? The one on my shirt or another one that I have used on other forum boards.
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