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  • Well, Whitefish Point is going upscale, I guess. Deck, railings, who knows what will be next??

    Hmmmm, yes, Brimley is known to me... Passmore's Store is the only "old" name I recall right off hand, as Harold and family are relatives. (Say hello to them for me, next time you are in the store!) I have a nephew who is based out on "the res", but will omit his name as I do not advise you contact him...he is a piece of work, as his mother and siblings put it.

    I carry a .380 Beretta, 13 rnd. with 2 mags. whether I am on the road or just out of the house. My Class A license permits large-capacity carry, concealed or open, so I go with the former. The Beretta is nicely compact, not prone to bad behaviour and fits my hand like a glove. I don't do competition or target for show, just work on the premise of "in extremis" only and then "be better than the other guy". (If I needed longer range, or more power, I'd get a rifle!)
    Yikes! A "Yooper" long did it take the team to mush your message down to the trading post so they could 'post' it for you? (Them having electricity, and all that!) Ah well, I was uprooted from 'da Soo' in 1990, and have had time to go back only once since then. I cant tell from the photo where you may be, but that touch of being hunched up in one's jacket looks familiar!!! Can't say we always needed them for the cold when blueberry picking along the Lake Superior shoreline, but they helped slow down the Stuka Mosquitoes on overcast days and in the evenings.
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