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    Concealed Carry Giveaway Winner

    I'd like to say thank you to Luke McCoy and to for drawing my name as the winner of this period's Concealed Carry Giveaway. I'm super excited about all of the new swag and my fiancee has already claimed the Beretta Nano as her carry gun. I encourage everyone who reads this to...
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    On a budget, want a flashlight for my shotgun.

    I want to put a mounted light onto my shotgun. It's an 870-esque 20 gauge pump. It doesn't have any rails on it so I see two options. 1: buy a tube/barrel mounted flashlight. 2: buy a tube/barrel mounted picatinny rail and then buy a flashlight holder that mounts into a rail. I'm not looking to...
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    Magazine Disconnect

    Hey all, I was hoping to get some opinions on magazine disconnects from some guys with more experience than myself. What would you say are the pros and cons? Is it a deal breaker when considering a new gun?
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    Mental Illness / Mental Disability

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    Mental Illness / Mental Disability

    Today I was in a store looking at some books with my fiancee and I noticed a woman acting strangely with one of the other customers. She kept going up to customers and each one became uncomfortable and removed themselves from the conversation. Because of the distance I couldn't hear what was...