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    Interesting Night

    I had an interesting situation in the middle of the night Monday. It was the first really cold night of fall, so my Great Pyrenees was sleeping outside. He usually sleeps inside when it's warmer outside than inside. Anyway, he started going nuts. ( He is a great alarms system.) About 15...
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    Traveling To Dallas from Alabama

    I am going on a trip tomorrow to Dallas from North Alabama. My permit is good through all of the states that I will be driving through, but I was wondering if there were any Don'ts that are unusual in Arkansas and Texas. Especially in Dallas and Little Rock. In Little Rock we are just...
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    Escort 12 gauge.

    I got a wild hair today and went to the gun store to look at shotguns for home protection. I went with the intentions of looking at a Mossberg 500 or a Remmington 870, but all they had were a couple of 500s that were tricked out and above my price range. While I was looking around I saw an...
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    Home Made MRE?

    I have been looking into purchasing some MREs, but they are pretty expensive to have more than just enough to last a couple of days. I would rather spend my money on guns and ammo. Stuff I can have fun with. I googled homemade MRE, and I found a few things about them. Anyone on here make...
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    Another New Guy

    I just wanted to introduce myself. I am from Athens, AL. I have been shooting since I was a kid, but I have only been carrying for a few years. I have just recently started shooting a lot and becoming a full fledged gun enthusiast. Kevin