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    Merry Christmas

    I would like to wish everybody a very Merry Christmas. Be safe and have a great day. DJ58
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    Mothers Day

    Happy Mothers Day to all of the Lady's out there. We all appreciate everything you do for us. Today is your day. I will cook.
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    pt 738 tcp Taurus

    Has anybody had a chance to look at or buy the new pt 738 tcp Taurus? If so any reviews would be great, oviously in competion with the Ruger lcp and the Kel Tec.
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    Just bought a Ruger LCP

    finally bought a LCP last week first one I've had a chance to buy. ordered a mika pocket holster might be here today:yes4: bought 100 rounds of target ammo, 350 more on the way and a box of hornaday critical defense 90gr ftx also. not sure when I'll get out to the range, have been getting about...
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    First deer

    Oct 29 my 16 year old son brought home his first whitetail deer. a five piont buck with his bow, perfect shot only had to track around 80 yards. he called it in twice with no artificial calling device just his own voice like a sheep sound. it walked 20 feet in front of him broadside. had to be...
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    Squirrel Camp

    Went up to luther MI. last weekend for squirrel camp great time, my son one of his friends and his cousins all go. there's usually about twenty to thirty of us that go. the kids just have a blast hunting and four wheeling all day. I had a record three squirrel missed acouple. low count for the...
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    NAA Guardian .380

    looking for info on the North American Arms Guardian .380. user info. I have the specs. Thanks DJ58
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    independance day

    Happy fourth of July everybody.
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    another Bear Sheldon

    was it my sister and bother in laws venison fish fry party by delton last Saturday and a person was talking about a farmer taking him out in a field and showing him bear tracks and were it clawed up a tree. said it was east of there not quite to battle creek. there's probably more around than...
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    Ruger LCP 380

    anybody had a chance to put their hands on a ruger lcp 380. none around here to check out. look nice on the ruger home page. kind of looking for something for summer. not that my 642 works to bad just getting the urge to spend some of that stimulus money. may not see any until fall.
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    Ted nugent

    anybody go see ted at miller this week. if so let us know what you thought. i could not make it.
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    Glock 27 or S&W 642?

    might want to read this. Link Removed
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    Brass or Bronze

    I have seen some ammo being advertized as bronze have not bought any was wondering if it is alright to use , mostly for a 38 snubby. Have been using brass FMJ,Thanks any info would be great. DJ58
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    finally made it back to walmart, you know for more ammo, didn't see anything posted as you walk in, there is a posting for returning firearms but not about ccw at least at the one in my area. so carry on. DJ58
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    Did PMC change to a different company name or out of business, does not seem to be much of it out there lately, always worked fine for me target practicing and price was good. DJ58