Just bought a Ruger LCP


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finally bought a LCP last week first one I've had a chance to buy. ordered a mika pocket holster might be here today:yes4: bought 100 rounds of target ammo, 350 more on the way and a box of hornaday critical defense 90gr ftx also. not sure when I'll get out to the range, have been getting about a half a foot of snow everyday:frown: hopefully soon, will let you members know the results.


Welcome to the club. My LCP has been my constant companion since I picked it up and qualified it for EDC. Parting with it for the recall was traumatic.

I'm considering one of these as a BUG. I'm looking forward to your review. The Crimson Trace unit for it looks really great and might be worthwhile.
give me a Little time for the range report. the weather here in Michigan is what you would expect this time of the year or worse. the next decent day I'm going to go, plus the range is outside.
I've had mine for 5 months or so, carry it everywhere. I don't like in or out waist band carry so this is my primary in weak side front pocket. I haven't shot mine since receiving it back from the recall couple weeks ago.

We're kinda glad if we only get half a foot of snow each day around here. Last Thursday we had 40 inches over night, still digging out from that one plus all we've gotten since. I usually just head up into the hills to shoot, that's out of the question until late spring I'm thinking now. Will have to hit the indoor range in town some day. I'd like to try the gun with the finger rest.

These little guns have a decent bit of felt recoil due to their light weight. Other than that, they shoot nice. Hope you enjoy yours.
Went to the range with DJ58 today and got to try out his LCP. I was very impressed. Shot a little lower for my natural point of aim than I'm used to but not so far off as to be a problem. Not at all as jumpy as I might have thought. The defensive loads were even less so than the FMJ's. Even with the rudimentary sights, we could pop balloons at 50'. I did note that shooting with a gloved hand is not a good option. Several times my gloved finger would not allow the trigger return to the position needed to catch the sear again. I will still get mine since my use would be for warm weather carry only. Thanks DJ for the fun!!!
I fired the little Keltec 380 yesterday at the range. Would the LCP be any different "feel" ?
It feels different to me.....

I know that there are a lot of people who are angry at what they perceive as Ruger "knocking off" Kel-Tec in the design department, although I have to disagree with them.

I shot the Kel-Tec before I bought my LCP, and I really have to say that it felt looser to me. I don't know, maybe it is just that the Kel-Tec looks like it came out of a vending machine, but my Ruger feels more solid. Of course, after two recalls, it should!
range report

Made my second trip today. Shot~50 rnds the first time out and had a few misfires. One seemed to be a bad primer, while the other 3 the LCP didn't seem to go into full battery. I took it home and cleaned and lubricated it for the 2nd trip out. Went through ~100 rnds without a hitch. Tried some defensive Hornadays in it and they seemed to have less recoil than the target loads.

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