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    Indiana Open Carry.

    And yes, I stand corrected. But as far as I was lead to believe, it was a "State" background check. Not the NICS/Fed background check. And another yes, there are fingerprint requirements as well. But again, I was lead to believe that is was used for the State of Indiana, NOT the Fed's. But...
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    Holsters and Mag Holders

    New here, but do we have a Forum for discussion of holsters and mag holders? Like I said, I'm a noob here. Might have missed it. With Regards, -Wraith
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    Indiana Open Carry.

    Greetings, New here, but thought I'd answer a querry I noticed earlier about Indiana. Yes. At the current time, you must be licensed to carry in Indiana. But any current law-abiding citizen can get one. And also, Yes. Indiana is..........Right to Carry, Shall Issue. Not like Ohio which...