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  • hello ken ,
    you wrote 3/08/10:

    Joined a few weeks ago and posted a couple of times. I have a Baby Desert Eagle in 9mm and also the 41 AE conversion. Just got a Colt Defender in 45 acp. Just got the colt to the range last Saturday and really enjoyed the little 45.


    hoping you can point me in the direction of an 41AE converision for my jericho 941FB 9mm....i just acquired the pistol and am not really a 9mm person, but like the specs of the 41AE round....hope you can help...

    i also have a Italian 9mm cz knock off that was also offered in 41AE i am looking for a conversion kits as well

    i can be reached if you reply @ [email protected]

    thanking you in advance


    lake texoma, texas shore
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