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  • I am a 13 year veteran of the Army. 51M30, Firefighter/Crash Rescue Specialist. 23 Nov 82 - 8 Sep 95.

    I have no problems telling what you need to know!

    Hi t11spanner I checked out your profile as I do with all folks looking to joing Vets and Guns, are you a Veteran? Most of USA Carry are 'closet' Vets, so I hate to ask, but do you have any active duty time? I'd love to admit you, not looking for your DD-214, just shoot me your branch of service and some dates via internal USA Carry e-mail and you are in if you served, it's a great group, but the issues we cover are heavy on armed Vet issues, not of a lot of concern to pure civilians, and there is nothing wrong with staying out of the machine, but I can not make it a totally open group or I open it up to anti-Vet Crusaders and folks with the 'baby-killer' rants I don't need in there. Our patrons do come back to check a new patrons stats, a few words inserted by you would give me all the justification I needed if a patron asks me if this is Vets only, and I am sorry but it is or it's just all acronym heavy G.I.-Joe posts.
    Looking forward to your reply.

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