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    America's Schizophrenia

    You have cite ad hominem, because that is the ONLY logical argument that works in your favor. Of course, it goes both ways. [emoji12] Sent from my XT1585 using Tapatalk
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    Anti-Trump Russian connection, where are the News media at, where did they go?

    Really, cause the evidence keeps piling up that several of Trump's campaign staff were 'functionally' Russian agents during the campaign, and now one is officially. Link Removed Investigators now have ‘concrete evidence’ of collusion between Trump camp and Russian govt: source Corey...
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    Travel to New Orleans

    Just got back from a trip down through Arkansas, across Louisiana to Nola, and back up through Mississippi. The only 'No Guns' signs I saw were in MS. My CCL is recognized in all those states and I carried, with confidence, all over the French Quarter. Link Removed
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    DIY Target Stand

    I'm outta here.
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    Seeking Opinions on Taurus and SCCY

    Thank you. This is the type of information I'm looking for. The unavailablity of magazines at a reasonable price is definitely something that crosses the 709 off my list. A quick search did turn up two online retailers that claim to have them in stock. Tombstone Tactical for $33.92 and Link...
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    Seeking Opinions on Taurus and SCCY

    My wife and I will be getting our Concealed Carry License's soon and are shopping for appropriate handguns. I want to keep costs down, but still have a reliable weapon. My research suggests that Taurus and SCCY are the best bets for price, quality, concealability, and reliability. Or, have I...