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    NA life membership

    Check out the NRAs current life membership, discounted to 300$ until 4/16, You may have to dig a bit or call their offices. Looks better than 1000$.
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    NRA life memberships

    I dont know if its been up on the forums but currently until 4/16 the NRA has life memberships discounted to 300$. This is one heck of a bargain. I signed up back in Feb. At 69 the 1000$ price wsnt much of a bargain, but at 300 I couldnt pass it up. Rogn
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    LC9 and big hands

    The first time I handled an LC9, I figured I needed one. Since I got it and began shooting it I found that it really was quite accurate, unless I was in a hurry. I have large hands and frequently when squeezing the trigger, I found my thumb would fall in line with my trigger finger and interfere...
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    Wanting to get my application started and was reading from one source that MD requires a list of attacks or threats???. Is this a generic list as we see on the news or is it required to be a personal list of threats? -or attacks?
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    One of the info sites indicates you need to have a documented list of "threats"--police reports, etc. Can anyone shed some light on this.Is rthis generic or do they need be direct personal threats? Wanting to get my application started.