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    Why Parents drink!!

    Link Removed Try this it my get a rise out of you
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    Bulk ammo

    Has anybody been called via phone by ATF for ording 1000 round of ammo? Story heard at gun talks here.
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    Need help locating holster.

    Got mine from Andrews custom leather.Link Removed
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    Public targets

    The number of law inforcement people being shot is on the increase. All you sworn people out there be careful.
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    1911 Shoulder Holster??

    Link Removed. good leather even has a shoulder holster for your shotgun.
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    Gun shows!

    Lookey here Link Removed my wife tracks them for me.
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    Gun shows!

    There is a circut for shows. Jasksonville Orlando miami would have to be best for private sales.Link Removed good gear . I'm not involed I just use his leather.
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    Come on Fl folks

    Link Removed This like just took me there with out leaving the farm. My Jack russel would agree with your statement. How can a little dog have so much pee.
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    Bug out bag

    When was the last time you thought about what you would take in an emergency? My bag needs wheels and a pick up. What would it take to survive having with the least amount of whats in your gun safe. Guns both long and short ones meds water gas masks cash lots of ammo pets wife kids.I would...