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When was the last time you thought about what you would take in an emergency? My bag needs wheels and a pick up. What would it take to survive having with the least amount of whats in your gun safe. Guns both long and short ones meds water gas masks cash lots of ammo pets wife kids.I would really like to here some thoughts. I 'm in Florida so I would head for the mountians and return when my up state home has ocean front property.

Kind of depends on the emergency and if I thought it was for good or a few days. Of course guns, ammo, knife, food ,water, medical kit, tent, sleeping bag, matches,fire starter, a small stove and mess kit of some kind, a survival book and a Bible. These are just a few things off the top of my head.
Add: .22 Single-shot rifle. Here's why:

A). More game has been taken with the .22 than with all other calibers...combined! (Source: something I read long ago. But then, I'm old.)

B). The Single-shot quality of the rifle will ensure that you know you've only got that one shot and are much less likely to "waste" one, as well as minimizing the possibility that you'll be detected, or at least pinpointed as to your location.
My wife and I addressed that after the fiasco of Katrina and everyone looking to the Govt for help immediately as well as long term. We considered what would be the most likely threat and the appropriate needs. Living in Vegas we have a two fold threat--hugh influx of people from So Cal when the big catastrophic earthquake hits and terrorist attack (even thought we have Churches, schools, and plenty of people who only use the Casinos for the food and entertainment) we're still called Sin City. This being a desert community, water is definately high on the list. We adopted some of the Mormon views on self-reliance and started building up a years worth of food stocks--real simple items that have a long shelf life which we rotate so nothing goes bad. Naturally, we have plenty of self-defense "hardware" to protect ourselves and our stock, another Mormon belief--pretty smart folks those Mormon boys. The big question for us is to stay at home or head North, way North to a place I know in Montana. You'll have to deal with a lot of other people on the road and issues like fuel. If you leave your home and maybe come back to a home that's been vandelized/squatted in/or Lord knows what. Of course there are also the meds and other items like that. Each of our vehicles have a backpack in the trunk for a five minute notice bug out and the family meets at a prearranged location. These are filled with just enough to get by for a couple of days (they make great Christmas presents) With more bug out notice we can pack accordingly
I'm a bad little Ex-Marine! Yeah, I do have a BOB... with nothing in it! :o

Maybe someone could post a list of what's in theirs so those of us dragging their feet (okay me!) might get some good ideas on what to put in that BOB? :D

Great link Dave!
my kit

mine is in a old SAS type vest, with additional -ahem- equipment in the vehicle. food, water procurement, water, first aid kit, military survival manual and a Bible. and weapons, coffee, etc. you can;t prepare for everything, but prepare for everything you can. chem lights, flashlight would be good as well. should this be a new forum? i am "into" emergency preparedness. after, not only weather can get get ya, but bad guys can too. and there are bad guys a-plenty......... let me know if i can help with links, stuff that i/we do to help...
Might have to be Custers last stand here cause I don't have a bag ready.:D
The time of year would factor into this greatly.
For those who do wilderness backpacking, the bug-out bag seems to pretty much be the same thing... a 3-day pack.

I never ever want to bug out. But bugging out with a pack would be ever so much better than without.
I almost forgot...

Every bug-out bag should have a few ramen seasoning packets... You know, for spicing up whatever meat you're able to find. Just remember, four legs good, two legs bad. :D
Yes, I agree with many of the comments. It is important to be prepared for any situation because you may not know what will happen until it does. Speaking of which, I better get going on my bag and other preparations! :)

on tuesday, i need to double check some links for the training section and i will post some links here on this subject. i can tell you that that READY.GOV and NOAA has some real good information about bug out kits. firearms is absent on their list, so BE SURE TO ADD IT TO YOURS!!
Tacticle rifle packs

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These packs could easily be set up as a BOB.


Guess my attachment didn't show,,, her it is.

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Boris, that READY.GOV site was interesting. I glanced at it for a litte bit and it seems like there is some very useful information. Thanks.
Good to see so many people at least thinking of this. The bag grows with each child or if old enough their own. The type of evac. does make a differance of what you can take. Marshell law in effect ? travel by car or transport . I think I'm going to dig a bunker here. Thanks for the replys. KWO former USMC current postion grandparent.
always wanted

a blast shelter. anyway, we try to store things for long term. just make sure it is stuff you use anyway. trying new foods in the middle of a critical situation can cause more problems.and rotate your stuff so you use it and not waste it. i will post some links later. i am having a gout flare-up. just do what you can, but do something..... i suggest taking first aid/ cpr class, if you are a outdoorsman, those skills can be of great help...

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