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    The Miligram Experiment - decadent obedience and authority

    It’s amazing that many LEOs scoff at citizens’ concern that police are becoming increasingly militant against them. The internet is replete with ‘caught-on-camera’ examples of police using unnecessary force against detained persons in relatively benign situations; police using language to...
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    America - no chance of ever uniting again, it is 100% over

    The last time the American people coalesced to fight against government was the Civil War; the CSA. The cause, right or wrong, cannot be disputed to have been a demonstrable stand of 11 states against the USA. We need this dynamic again against a Marxist Manchurian Candidate-type despot, Obama...
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    Felons Don't Have To Register Guns Under the Fifth Amendment

    This is reasonable. After all, they 'paid their debt to society,' right? The high recidivism rate is directly proportional to the ludicrous societal hoops through which they're compelled to jump - impossible to get a job, the stigma of the past, etc.. Speaking of hoops to jump, most historians...
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    Good encounter this morning with Grand Rapids Police Department….

    Good catch and distinction. However, it's amazing that even the condition of being "stopped" requires this manipulative hoop through which to jump. If the officer has reason to search your person he's going to find it [weapon] immediately, anyhow. If he's simply 'stopping' you, traffic-related...
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    Mandela - just another Marxist

    Lemmings ignore history and facts – just hop on the popularity train, especially under the hypnosis of music and flowery words. Mandela was an anarchist-Marxist and deserved to be imprisoned. Many died unnecessarily due to his anarchy. He, like Obama, was a student of Vladimir Lenin and Karl...