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    Well thank you. Welcome and glad to have you. Enjoy the site. I spent a little time collecting. If you have never been there, go to:

    AuctionArms.com - Online Gun Auction
    GunBroker.com Online Gun Auction

    They are online gun sales/auction sites, like E-Bay but gun friendly.

    I am admitting you to Veterans and Guns as soon as I shoot this your way fellow Veteran, U R in!
    This is what will go onto the group to herald your arrival, 'K?

    Georgia Veteran on-board.
    Today we welcome Hamster into Veterans and Guns,
    USAR March 1980 - March 1982, US Navy PO1 May1982 - April 1988,
    His current calling is a hydropower electrician.
    A father of two living in Georgia.
    His past-times include hunting, fishing, plinking, ham (amateur) radio.
    Carry Gun is a S&W model 27 .357mag (OK!)
    All Firearms:
    Marlin lever .22
    Marlin bolt .22mag
    Howa 1500 7MMmag
    Rem 11-87 12ga
    Rem 11-48 16ga
    Universal M-1 .30cal carbine
    Rem 742 30-06
    S&W model 10 .38spl
    Affiliations: Georgia Carry.
    Please make our newest member comfortable.
    We welcome Hamster.

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