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  • Glock Man:

    Maybe you can tell me how I can use my Glock model 19 without it jamming without cleaning it everyday?

    I hope I never need to pull my Glock to save my life or anybody else, it always seems to jam. I had a New York City trigger put on it when it was new. Could this have anything to do with it?

    Hi Glock Man,
    You are now a member of Vets and Guns, there was a slight delay in letting you in, that handle had been taken, yours went: Glock Fan. and the patron who joined in Apr 08 had this handle: Glock Fan so one period (.) could have got confusing and your words may have been misconstrued as his, & vice-versa. But you are in an I am very happy to have a Retired U.S. Coast Guard member as a patron to the fastest growing social group on USA Carry. Welcome and post whenever you feel like it.

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