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    TRUTH WINS Trey Gowdy Releases Statement on New Benghazi Bombshell Reports

    This report makes no sense. If there was no wrong doing how is it we knew right away the attack was too organized to be spontaneous and it was being watched in real time. Yet the administration put out the video sham. If no one put out a stand down order, who was it that didn't give a go rescue...
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    Lock and Load

    This is something to think about for those that carry with an empty chamber.
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    Why the Gereation Y are unhappy

    Got this from tuckersmom. Hopefully, the liberals will know where their unhappiness is coming from... LOL Why Generation Y Yuppies Are Unhappy | Wait But Why
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    More Powerful Than The Presdent

    Obama exposes why he can't get his agenda passed. It has been blamed on the republicans. No longer, the republicans fear someone more powerful than the President of the United States. Someone more powerful that the leader of the free world. Someone more powerful than the leader of the liberal...
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    Who is Reggie Love with Obama

    If Obama was republican or conservative, this story would be front page news. Truth and facts don't need to apply. He's liberal democrat so the main stream media will berry this story until they are forced to expose it. This teflon president is safe for the mean time.
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    Straw Purchase

    News from Fox on the Firefighter shooting. Guns purchased by neighbor for shooter. Again we have some nut job braking the law to get his hands on guns. That brings to mind someone else that aloud guns to be bought on a straw purchase. These guns where also used in a crime. Does the name Eric...
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    MARK GLAZE Mayors Against Guns Goes on TV and lies to the American Public

    It would appear from this interview that Mark Glaze is blaming law abiding gun owners for the terrorist act in Newtown, Conn. This pretty much shows his true agenda and his ignorance of gun ownership.
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    FOX News: Mitt Romney’s weakness on foreign policy!

    All this does is tell us how well uneducated the people being polled are. We all know by now how well Obama's policies work. How Obama the inexperienced president and his advisers deal with conflicts. Not well in my opinion. Romney isn't the president and hasn't had to deal with foreign policy...
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    !DNC Spokesperson Argues for Sex-Change-Operation Mandate!

    Democrats complain about government staying out of peoples bed rooms. It appears that's the only place they can be found. Sex change is elective surgery. Why should any insurance be forced to cover that. Contraception is another personal choice, again government can't stay out of the bedroom.
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    Arrested for Collecting Rainwater?

    Correction, the rain water incident was in Oregon not Utah, I hate senior moments. I think people are more awake then the main stream media is letting on. They have been in bed with the liberals a long time. It's tough to speak out against liberal agendas when the main stream media is right...
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    Your Church is Next

    To add to this, it's the body that's frail and dies. The soul lives on. It's the soul that lives on forever in the afterlife. God is a spirit thus has no gender and can take on any form. The soul and freewill is what sets us apart from the rest of God's creations. We have a freewill to believe...
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    America is a Christian Nation

    This would only matter to people that take the Bible literally. The Bible, no matter which version, is easily taken out of context to fit what ever agenda, as you would known. You have to take into account the age in which it was written and the people of the time it was written for originally...
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    Tomorrow he'll blame the weatherman for the weather.

    I'll have to agree with him on this one. Congress gave him pretty much everything he asked for and it hasn't helped. Now how could that be his fault?:sarcastic:
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    Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is!

    I was refering to the so called big three (abc, cbs, nbc). Fox is a step above them and not even in the same leag. I love Glenn Beck, listen to him all the time. Fox covers news the other three skip over. :pleasantry: