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    If I Shoot First And Ask Questions Later

    Sorry, you guys are going to think I'm making money off this book. Truth is, I'm not. I just bought and read it and find it to be invaluable information. OP you should read Link Removed It has some really useful information in it. And it was written by a defense attorney.
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    Can I draw my weapon in this case?

    To the OP, I would highly suggest you (and anyone else here on these boards who hasn't read it) to buy and read front to back, Link Removed It's hard to decipher some of the states laws regarding self defense and this book spells it all out for you by state. And also brings to light some VERY...
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    I could use some ideas here

    I'd really like to keep using an N82 tuckable IWB because it's so comfortable. And I'd really like to keep using a Viridian C5L-R. The only problem is the N82 keeps turning on the damn Viridian when I move, such as sitting in the car, etc. The N82 is soft on your body side, and soft on the side...
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    Holster for XDS w/CT laser

    I wish you had the Annihilation series for an XDS .45 with a Viridian C5L-R. :-(