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  • Hey saw your question. I have quite a few handguns. I carry a taurus millennium pt145 pro as my first choice. 45 acp 10 round mag, 3 inch barrel and lite. This gun has never failed me. I carry it daily. they make it in 9mm,40,45,and 380. I have 3 kimbers and a para pda also in 45 acp all great guns and I love them but this ol taurus is the one I carry more than any.I shoot alot and have run well over 2000 rounds thru this girl and she has never let me domn. I did change the sights and put a clipdraw on this gun as I do on all my carry guns. Check them out. Good luck . Mark62
    Welcome - glad to have you. There are a lot of great things, ever changing on this site. Thank you for your service. Keep safe and enjoy the reading.

    I,m new to this site and don,t really know how to use it yet but here goes
    I carry a star 9mm and it is solid steel and sometime gets really heavy.
    Can someone please give me an idea on what to buy that,s not so heavy.
    Ilike the 9mm and would like to stay with it. Thanks
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