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    Pennsylvania now recognizes Alabama permits.

    Legal Review Section Mailbox <[email protected]> To: '[email protected]' Apr 18 at 8:57 AM We have recently completed a review of all reciprocity. I am pleased to inform you that Pennsylvania now recognizes Alabama licenses to carry a concealed firearm in Pennsylvania. Please...
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    Numrich arms

    I just got an e-mail stating that NUMRICH ARMS is leaving the state of New York. Maybe if enough companies leave the commie state,and enough jobs are lost,they will start to get the message. NUMRICH ARMS joins a growing list of firearms companies and firearms related manufacturers leaving...
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    Post your bike pics!!!

    Link RemovedLink Removed I currently own the V-Star. The orange Shadow Sabre i sold about a year ago.
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    New to Alabama

    I recently relocated to Mobile from PA and I am considering becoming a permanent resident here. I have a PA resident license and an AZ non resident license so I am able to legally carry here. The information brochure from the Mobile sheriffs department states that I have to be a resident of...