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  • Hey, thanks tuts40. I've been in N.Texas for quite awhile, but I'm a native from the San Angelo and Abilene area, which is where I'd rather be, but family obligations, etc. I dislike not obeying all laws, but I'm gonna carry anyway, just to protect me and mine. Where you from?
    Hey Bootsdeal,

    I like the way you think in regard to CCW, how it is a right granted to us via our founding documents and to hell with any law that infringes on such rights.

    I'm not jealous you are in N. Texas, no, not at all. OK, maybe a little! I love getting down there when I can courtesy of driving a truck. The last place I visited down there was Haskell, Tx.

    Anyway, be good and stay in condition yellow my friend.
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