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    vehicle stoage

    I have one of these bolted in my truck, Link Removed. I looked at other lock boxes at the various big box stores and guns stores and they use thinner guage steel and cheap combo or key locks.
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    CC Not Allowed at Work

    You like your job and the company you work for, don't risk getting fired. We have enough numb-nuts with guns out there. Look what happened to Starbucks they were neutral but wackos and "soccer moms/dads" forced their hand. There are other defensive weapons out there as others have suggested...
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    teaching moment while watching g.i. joe retaliation

    I finally had time to sit down with my girls and watch a movie. We picked up G.I.Joe Retaliation. In two scenes, Roadblock, played by Dwayne Johnson, grabs a 1911 by first putting his trigger finger on the trigger then picking it up. Both times I paused the movie and asked my girls what was...