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  • Thank you for your reply. Sorry I couldn't get back to you sooner.
    Did you experience any difficulties when crossing the border into Canada? It is my understanding that they can sometimes be very strict about firearms transporting through their country.

    Would taking the ferry from Bellingham directly to Alaska without touching Canadian soil, eliminate that problem?
    Hi Wes,

    We used the Alaska Marine Highway and kept all the guns locked up in the truck. That adventure was ten or twelve years ago and as I recall it took about a week MOL. We left from Belingham, Washington => Whitier, Ak. We left the lower 48 in the Spring and returned in the Fall. Round trip passage I believe was around $8000 for the Suburban with a small trailer that carries our camping equipment.

    The Marine Highway is how Alaskans get around Alaska. Cabins are available but most voyagers sleep in the lounges with sleeping bags, some even set up tents on the deck. The galley serves a couple meals a day that are not included in the fare.

    Another option would be for one of us to drive through Canada and the other to flyto Alaska with the firearms as checked baggage That would be quicker and less expensive but the next time we go we will use the Marine Highway again.

    I hope this has been somewhat helpful.

    Warm Regards and the Best of Luck to You - Al
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