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    Just wanted y'all to know.

    I just wanted everyone to know we lost one of our number recently! Captain Crunch passed away on the 16th of August. He was an awesome man, as those of you can attest who knew him personally! I had the pleasure of hanging out with him on several occasions and can tell you from first-hand...
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    New Group Forming in Montana

    Hey y’all, I’m new to the site but not new to the cause! I wanted to let everyone here know about something starting in the Flathead Valley Area of Montana. Myself and a few other friends are in the process of starting a ‘club’ in our area here for Open Carriers and Concealed Carriers. The point...
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    Just wanted to say Hi!

    Hey y'all, just wanted to say Hi and all that fun jazz. Seems to be so many forums like this and I love it! Anyways, since I'm new I thought I'd drop in and say howdy!