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I served more than 6 years in the United States Army as an Infantry Fire Team Leader, and also have experience as a Small Kill Team Leader, and Squad Leader. I was selected, on multiple occasions, to train the German, Czech, Afghan, and Iraqi Armies on weapons and small unit tactics. I completed one 15 month tour in Iraq and a 12 month tour in Afghanistan.

I have completed a variety of different military and civilian training in different fields, including courses taught by some of the world's most professional soldiers. I served as an instructor and subject matter expert for various subjects in my military career, including rifle marksmanship and close quarters battle. I am a nationally registered Emergency Medical Technician, and am currently pursuing a degree in criminal justice. I currently help prepare soldiers for the battlefield by working for the 91st Army Reserve Training Division as a Combat Trainer (O/C-T). I continue to expand my knowledge base and skill set at every opportunity.
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  1. Firearms Instructor
College Student, USAR Training Advisor
John Wallace