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In his eyes, it is full of blood, a pair of eyes, as if about to drip blood! This man is the boss of the largest dog farm in Binhai! Famous entrepreneurs in Binhai! Cao Huan's father, Cao Dekui! "Cough.." Binhai is the head of the Public Security Bureau, Director Zhuo, the expression of this matter is not alarming, can not see the sadness and joy, indifferent way. Lao Cao, calm down. Calm down?! Director Zhuo! I! How can I calm down? How can I calm down? The great inheritance of my Cao family was destroyed in a moment! Cao Dekui roared again and again, "All the fighting dogs, hounds, all dead!"! They're all dead! Director Zhuo, do you know how much I have lost? Hundreds of millions! At least hundreds of millions! My whole life's work, it's ***ing over! It's all over! Also My son! My only child! My darling, he.. He His manhood has been destroyed! I, Cao Dekui, am the last one! The incense of my Cao family is broken! The poor little man bit off Cao Huan's manhood. Now, Cao Huan is being rescued in the hospital, his life is saved,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, but. Ahem, the lifeblood is in the dog farm, and it was eaten by the dog, that is to say, it is impossible to take it back. From today on, Cao Huan is a personal demon. What a ***ing tragedy! "Director Zhuo!"! Order the arrest of the little farmer at once! Shoot him! And that Song Yuru! Shoot, too! The whole family of the little peasant will be shot! Cao Dekui was already out of his mind, and his voice seemed to come out of hell,Theobromine Powder, making people feel cold all over. He and Huang Xiaolong, is the enemy of endless death! At this time, Director Zhuo was also a little angry. Suddenly, he pounded the table, his voice was raised an octave, and his aura erupted. Shut up! Cho Dekyu! How do our police handle the case? Is it your turn to tell them what to do? Who do you think you are? Are you the secretary? You're the mayor? Your son has suffered this kind of injury, I personally, very sympathetic, but our police handling cases, is to pay attention to the rules, pay attention to the rules, pay attention to evidence! Director Zhuo roared, even in the rage, Cao Dekui had to pay attention to his emotions. Director Zhuo is the head of Binhai's public security system, Heme Iron Polypeptide ,Thyroid Powder Factory, director and secretary of politics and law, and member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee! Since ancient times, the people do not fight with officials, you open a dog farm, and then have money, can you challenge a member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee? Isn't this a death wish? Besides, now the dog farm is gone. That That Director Zhuo, this matter, you.. What are you police going to do with it. Cao Dekui said in a hostile voice. We watched the entire surveillance video of the dog farm! I really didn't see that the rural child hurt your son. Your son even threatened the life of the rural child, drove him to the hunting ground and set dogs on him. The dogs in the dog farm bite each other to death. Your son's manhood was also bitten off by a dog. Director Zhuo said slowly. That is to say, my dog farm is destroyed, my son is ruined, and my Cao family is extinct. The little farmer has nothing to do with it? Cao Dekui clenched his teeth, even his gums were bleeding. "Director Zhuo …" You You You're too dark! "Get out!" Director Zhuo suddenly stood up. "Get out of here right now!"! Our police are particular about evidence in handling cases! Now, there is no evidence that the rural child hurt your son! Do you want us to arrest people? You want us to confess under duress? "Ha ha!"! OK! Since the police do not care, then I personally avenge Xiao Huan! I'll do it my way!!!! Cao Dekui eyes burst out a trace of almost abnormal light, directly stood up and left the director's office. After Cao Dekui left, Director Zhuo sneered, then took out his cell phone and dialed a number. In an instant, Director Zhuo was like a face-changing in Sichuan Opera, and his face became somewhat respectful. Get through the phone. Miss Lin. Cao Dekui was dismissed by me. He also wanted to frame Huang Xiaolong. I told him that we pay attention to evidence in handling cases. From the other side of the phone came the voice of a rich, mature and melodious woman. Director Zhuo, thank you for this. I'll invite you to dinner later. ” It's Lin Jing's voice! "Ha ha, good, good, Miss Lin, you are busy, tonight's charity banquet, we will talk in detail, ha, I hang up." Director Zhuo bowed and hung up the phone. Cao Dekui, just accept your fate. This is because your son is blind and has offended people who should not be offended. Even if it's a piece of shit, you have to hold your nose and eat it. Director Zhuo's eyes narrowed slightly. Huang Xiaolong. In the future, in Binhai, this guy can walk sideways. Miss Lin has already spoken. With her here, no one is allowed to touch a hair of Huang Xiaolong. …… Campus of Binhai University. Huang Xiaolong parked the car and looked at the time. It was already 6:20. Ah, the charity dinner is more than an hour away. I have to hurry up. Huang Xiaolong rushed to the school canteen in a hurry. The dining hall of Binhai University is very large, with a total of three floors. Each window on the first floor is opened for ordinary students, all of which are big pot rice, and the price is economical and affordable. The food on the second floor is one or two grades higher in quality, and the decoration style is also very bourgeois. Generally speaking, a dish here will basically be between 50 and 300 yuan. Those who can come to the second floor for dinner are either those whose family conditions are slightly well-off, or the teachers or leaders of the school. The third floor of the canteen is not simple! The third floor is a variety of high-end restaurants! There are even well-known restaurant brand chains at home and abroad! On the third floor, the food is very expensive, but the taste is also very delicious. Some rich children in the school are the main consumer groups here. Sun Wei has told Huang Xiaolong that she is on the third floor of the canteen. Huang Xiaolong ran into the canteen and went straight to the third floor! The third floor of the canteen! Here,Fungal Chitosan Manufacturer, the environment is really quiet and elegant! The force is very high! Many students from foreign countries gather here to eat the dishes of their hometown, or drink coffee and chat comfortably. Sun Wei sat on a leather sofa in the rest area, her eyes filled with burning expectations! There is a kind of anxiety and tension. pioneer-biotech.com
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