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Ruan Gu was not used to wrapping the end of his hair around his fingertips and asked her nervously, "Doesn't it look good?" "How is that possible?"! You are good-looking, and you are good-looking anyway! Thank you, Zhang, pulled her up the escalator to the subway station and asked her, "But why did you suddenly remember to cut your hair short?" Isn't it a sophomore in high school? Long hair is more troublesome. "So simple..?" Ruan Gu lied without blinking and nodded, "Well, it's as simple as that." Swiped the card into the station. Ruan Gu and Zhang Xie arrived at the airport three times. Ruan Gu found them along the location given by Qi Ran. Qi ran wearing a famous brand sportswear, outside a simple cage of a black fiber material coat is saying something to Feng Xing, he looked up to see the corners of the mouth pulled up a faint smile of Ruan Gu. His fingertips trembled as he held his ID card, and his eyes darkened. Qi's burning eyes stopped on her white and slender neck, and her eyes were tinged with a faint smile. "Coming?" "Coming." She didn't speak. He didn't speak. After a few seconds, the two men burst out laughing tacitly. Qi Ran scratched the back of his head and stuffed the deflated basketball into Ruan Gu's hand. "Farewell gift." Ruan Gu looked at the shrunken basketball, confused, "I can't play basketball.." "When I'm gone, you should always take it with you and throw it out when you meet bad people. At that time, I'm protecting you." Qi flamed his tongue against his cheek and blinked quickly. "Throw it out when you meet someone who likes you." He learned a lot of flirting skills, but at this moment he was all dumb and didn't know what to say. But a blush is better than a lot of words. Not knowing whether to laugh or cry, Ruan Gu accepted Qi Ran's gift and smiled at him with bent eyes. If there is,ceramic igniter electrodes, it is enough to stop at the lips and teeth. So stay, Qi Ran also feel blossom in the heart, beautiful bubble, "Ruan Gu, can you go to my house?"? There is a big red box on the third floor of my bookcase. You keep it for me. When I come back, I'll ask you to take it, OK? To boarding time,alumina c799, Ruan Gu did not have extra time to ask again, she answered a'good '. No matter how reluctant you are, the time of departure will come eventually. Qi Ran looked around at the people who came to see him off, hugged them one by one, and said goodbye. With red eyes, Feng Xing thumped Qi's burning chest with his fist. "You must be elected." "Yes." Qi ran backwards and waved to the security checkpoint. Zhang Xie put his hands behind his back and touched Ruan Gu's waist slightly with his elbow. "Ah, Ruan Ruan, I know why you want to cut your hair." "Why?" Ruan Gu's cell phone shook, and she took it out and looked at it and asked. Zhang Xie proudly wiped the tip of his nose, cadenced and pronounced clearly, " 'When my hair reaches my waist, you can marry me as a teenager.'" I'm a novel reader, how can I not know such classic words, but.. Ruan Gu opens the picture that Qi Ran sends to come over, ceramic bobbin heater ,7g Ozone Generator, tilt a head to continue to ask: "But what?" But will my male God come back when he goes out? What if he falls in love with a foreign girl outside? Ruan Gu thought about the problem carefully, "but we didn't make any promises." Thank you for looking at her and saying earnestly, "You think that people who have made solemn promises will abandon them. You don't even have this. That.." The picture is loaded. Open. Shown from the glass, the parking lot is wide, the blue sky without shelter is like an endless curtain, like a bright blue crystal, so that people who see it will feel infinite yearning and tolerance in an instant. Ruan Gu bent his eyes and smiled, sending'love 'to the past. Ruan Gu turned off his cell phone, put it in his pocket, looked up and thanked Zhang. Her black pupil was surrounded by a circle of light, and she was immersed in the sunshine, as if she had come out of a picture scroll. Beautiful enough to thank you, I can't help but hold my breath. Ruan Gu thought carefully about Zhang Xie's question and answered: "If it really comes to that step, it doesn't matter. Human nature is complicated and there is no need to be too critical." Zhang Xie was dull for a while and suddenly laughed out loud, "Ruan Gu, you are really very beautiful." Ruan Gu was not used to touching the tip of his short hair. "Stop it, it's time to go out.". ” ... ... The plane flew across the sky, its metal body turned into bright silver against the sun, like a bird running to the free sky, each feather shining with the brilliance of freedom. Ruan Gu sat in the taxi, watching the plane cut through the sky, closing the window, closing his eyes and sleeping. Zhang Xie also got up too early and couldn't help yawning and sleeping against the window glass. After Ruan Gu returned to the city, he went to Qi Ran's house first. Xu Li opened the door for her. Xu Li was wearing a short pink and purple shawl jacket, with a yellow knee-length skirt below, and a pair of black high boots on her feet. She was fashionable and capable. She was about to go out when she saw Ruan Gu surprised to hook her lips. "Qi Ran has gone." Ruan Gu: "Qi Ran, let me take something.." Xu Li pushed the door open. "Come in." Xu Li leaned against the door and looked at her cell phone, waiting for Ruan Gu to take something before going out. Ruan Gu took off his shoes, took a pair of slippers from the shoe rack, put them on, and went up. Qi Ran said that the red box was very obvious, and Ruan Gu saw it at a glance. She stood on tiptoe, touching the edge of the box and pulling out. The box was unexpectedly heavy, and Ruan Gu was slightly surprised to hold it in his arms. Just as she was about to take a peek at what was inside, there was a banging and noise coming from downstairs. Ruan Gu hugged the box, closed the door and went downstairs. Xu Li and Qi Yu are confronting each other. Xu Li stretched out her hand to hook her hair and looked at Ruan Gu awkwardly. "Have you got it?" Ruan Gu nodded, "Auntie, then I'm leaving." "Well, let's go." Ruan Gu walked out from the middle of the two, and when she reached the door, she suddenly ran back to Xu Li and put the big white rabbit in her pocket in her hand, "Auntie, it will be good to eat sweet." Ruan Gu,steatite c221, like a white rabbit on the surface of a candy wrapper, jumped out in a hurry with his shoes on. Xu Li looked at the big white rabbit in the palm of her hand and felt better. She looked at Qi Yu with the anger in her heart. "Qi Yu, we are divorced now..". global-ceramics.com
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