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    Veteran being arrested and charged with felonies in NY for having 5 30 round AR Mags

    If you're a Media Personality in Washington, you aren't charged for knowingly violating the law, If you're a Veteran in New York, you become a Felon for having 5 AR Magazines. Emily Miller from the Washington Times takes up the cause! Somethingg is SERIOUSLY wrong with this picture: MILLER...
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    The Overlooked CZ 75

    If you like Polymer Czech out the P07 Duty. Or take a look at this: Link Removed
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    any update on court ruling?

    OOPS!! there is one later update: Link Removed As long as I'm here and MSI is still here, you're NOT alone in Maryland!!
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    any update on court ruling?

    The last update from Maryland Shall Issue can be found at: Link Removed I haven't seen any update since...