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    Brady Campaign attacking Starbucks

    Brady Campaign to Prevent Gun Violence : Open Carry Guns For those not in the know on goings-ons in California, the Open Carry community has been getting more active. Groups have been meeting in various public establishments. As a result of a Brady Campaign bullying, the Peet's coffee chain...
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    The Open Carry Argument

    Charlie, I'd recommend reading Link Removed if you don't get this point. It's a great read for many other reasons as well. If you are forced to kill someone, you will likely have emotional scars yourself, unless you're a sociopath. You also could be arrested and dragged through some expensive...
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    California Open Carry

    A laughable comment, if you were a CA OCer. The ignorance of the actual law by most law enforcement personnel should have been a source of embarrassment IMO. This is why one of the first goals of the California Open Carry community has been to reeducate the law enforcement community. We've...