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    The Constitution, he said, “guarantees due process, not judicial process.”

    I can't disagree that these guys are probably bad and deserve what they got, but where will this administration draw the line. Cross Pres. O and you might find yourself in the cross-hairs. Obama administration offers new defense for killing U.S. citizens - Defense -
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    Crossbreed Holster for Kahr CM9

    I've just picked up my new Kahr CM9 and I'm now in the market for a IWB holster to fit it. Based on several recommendations here, other forums and a few friends I'm leaning heavily towards the Crossbreed. However, most of the discussions regarding the Crossbreed appear to be about the SuperTuck...
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    As we approach the anniversary of the terror inflicted upon our country please take time to remember the innocents taken by that attack and the brave men and women who rushed in to harms way to rescue the survivors. And thanks to all of the brave Americans who have and continue to fight to...
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    Pocket Pistols?

    I'm currently in the market for a semi auto pistol in 9mm or larger suitable for pocket carry. Current carry is a XD9sc, but would like a lighter pistol for those hot summer days. I've got my sights on a Kahr CM9, but just wanted to get some other opinions before I buy. Thanks.