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I have owned a couple companies one an insurance agency, another a real estate company, another an 11,000 square foot family entertainment center.
It consisted of an indoor 19 hole miniature golf course, 50 game video arcade, and a 30 seat cafe. Everything had to be sold because of medically forced retirement. In 2009 I founded a charity to help the families and friends of people suffering from what I am diagnosed with. It generally consists of severe spinal disorders, chronic pain (the kind that never goes away) and chronic nerve disorders. I wanted to help those who had to live with the sufferers understand what they were withstanding. Also I am not a physician, so I couldn't give medical advice. There was an attorney written disclaimer about that on every page of our website. In March of 2012 the charity was hacked. Our non-profit YouTube site was destroyed, our email accounts (4) were stolen, our PayPal account (used for internet donations) was infiltrated and another PayPal account opened inside ours and all donations to ours were diverted to theirs. Our website had to be taken down because they posted medical advice (all of it incorrect) against the obvious disclaimers. In February 2013 our all volunteer board of directors met and dissolved the charity, donating what was left in our treasury to The Hole in the Wall Gang, a charity founded by Paul Newman. We are all left with the question........why would anyone destroy a charity? They only hurt those that were being helped. Since then I have enjoyed my hobby of target shooting as often as my medical difficulties will allow. The hackers continue to hack me every single day to this day! (August 3, 2015). I'm sure that because of their obvious psychotic illness, it will not stop.

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