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Sacrifice to heaven and worship the ancestors of the Shangshan family. On the day of the battle, Shangshan elder sister still gathered all ninety thousand people under the spring mountain city. People are like dragons, horses are like tigers, and they walk like the wind. Attack like fire. These seventy thousand people are known as one hundred thousand, but they are different from the seventy-five thousand semi-professional troops of Oda's pseudo-mother. The soldiers in Uesugi's clothes are all trained professional soldiers. Not a semi-professional unit. How much did it cost just to equip those reservists? In the Hall of Salmon, the theoretically tallest building in Haruhiyama Castle, the Junshen Maiden delivered a pre-war speech, as well as words of inspiration. Yesterday, she had just gone to see her elder sister, who had been made lazy by the wild dog in heat. It seemed that it was a little difficult to entrust the affairs of state to her. Fortunately, there were a group of loyal and dedicated people below. For example, Xueji was one of them. With the previous expedition is not much, this time on the shirt sister also put on the sugi constitutional government this "overlord.". Please come out. After all, the main reason for the conquest of Hojo was to help the enemy of the country, and by the way, to revive the family of Shangshan. Everyone, this expedition is the biggest event in the Shangshan family. Junshen girl sat in the main seat and said to the important ministers who had done well on both sides, "There is only one goal for this battle.". Shi Kang's head! Swear before the heavens, O men. If we don't flatten Odawara this time, we will never retreat! "Yes!" Shentian is Sister Uesugi. After the highly centralized unification of the popes,asrs warehouse, Sister Uesugi also became the leader of several popes at the same time. In Japanese Catholicism, the Salmontian is the golden net of God. More than a thousand years ago, the Son of God was also a man of heaven, so the theory that the elder sister was several popes at the same time is also valid. Monks in Japan are actually more than monks. Beliefs are rather disorganized and gone. Anyway, now everyone is worshipping Shangshan Sister, who is the spokesperson of the Samana in the world. Don't you really want to think about it? I just want to inherit the blood of the shirt family, think carefully, this is no way out. On one side,pallet rack shelving, Uesugi made an effort: "This …" ※ for the sake of the revival of the old family, please decide that Zong Cheng be my wish This is the second request, Li Wei naturally also want to affectation, these are discussed with Uesugi constitutional government, three abdication, three shirk, until the last time on the shirt sister and a few do buckle request together. Livy said yes again. This is the Warring States Period, this is for the sake of future generations, this is for the sake of the world's cloth, this is "anyway, for a lot of things, even the Family Planning Commission can not control." Constitutional Lord, Livy, I have no merit or virtue. Now by the tetrarch big graciousness block for a door, heavy duty metal racking ,teardrop pallet racking, really should not expect anything. "Now that the constitutional adults have said it, I think the Chinese adults had better not shirk it any more.". Suddenly, just as Livy was about to say some more beautiful words, a voice suddenly came from the side, which caught Livy by surprise. From time to time, please know that this is not the case now. At that time. Livy turned around and saw that it was even more difficult to understand that the speaker was none other than one of the Beiyang people in the other camp, Ben Zhuang Fanchang! This guy is supposed to be standing on the same front with Kakizaki Keiya. Why is he standing on the same front with himself in a muddle? There are women, there are definitely women! But what is the reason? Could it be that the other party is ready to abandon the dark and join the warm family? "Yes, Lord Nakanobu, this is also for the good of the Shangshan family, both constitutional adults have said, then" I think you'd better inherit the Fan Valley Uesugi family here. It is also for the sake of Tahara Castle's future problems, to give the Uesugi family an account of it. This time the speaker is even worse, "Kakizaki Keiya himself!"! This time it's not just Livy, but even the other people on the side are surprised. What does this mean? The weasel pays a New Year call to the chicken? It's all right. Courting is either rape or theft? Or say "" All in all, anything can happen! Kakizaki Kage's family was at loggerheads with themselves two days ago. How can it be now? "Sorry, I really dare not take on this important task." Livy quickly shirked. But it seems that some people can't see the wind direction clearly, such as the sister on the shirt. In the eyes of the military God girl, she seemed to regard the behavior of Kakizaki Keiya and Honsho Shigeru as a perfect act of ignoring the past, so as soon as her brain was hot, she threw all the words that Livy said to the American nemesis. He immediately moved out all the words that should be said next time. The middleman! Since you are my subordinate. Can you not listen to what I order you? This is what I have done for my family, so you must agree with every word I say, otherwise, hum, you are responsible for the consequences! Sister Uesugi's voice was full of expression, and her threatening laughter was so familiar. But Livy gave each other a wink. No, no. What's wrong with you woman? Didn't I tell you it doesn't count this time? You just got online. Are you saying the lines that should be said next time? "Yes, Lord Zhongren, I've heard recently that Her Royal Highness Ayahime is overjoyed again. Maybe it's another son." Naoe Keioka, the first official of Echigo in theory, also advised Livy at the moment. This is also, thought that the plan sent to spell, the Kakizaki Jing family all said, took oneself also to add fuel to the flames once good. Middle man, "Usami Dingman's son Dingxing, Li Wei's brother hurriedly also expressed his views.". As a result. A bunch of standing on the side of Livy, ready to do the button all expressed their firm support for Livy to inherit the Fan Valley shirt family. But the opposition Kakizaki Keiya side, saw the eldest brother all bowed his head, took oneself also not to look up to the sky to bask in. As a result, the people who were recruited by the Kakizaki family to oppose Livy also ran out and all supported Livy. This will actually make Livy hairy. Standing in the middle of a group of people who do not speak, and so on, than the defense of the color department of the people, this Xuan seems to no longer see the faction and the ruling party have agreed. Then we don't have to take sides. You just need to come out and conform to history. As a result, Livy seemed to have the posture of being covered by a yellow robe. For a while, it seemed that if Livy did not accept the inheritance of Fan Gu Shangshan's family,heavy duty rack manufacturers, he was not fierce, sorry for the prostitutes, sorry for the upper. kingmoreracking.com
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