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    PA Non-resident permits

    Apparently the new policy cause quite a stir. This screen shot was taken from Facebook and has been making the rounds across multiple forums... Link Removed The policy against non-resident CC Licenses has already been taken down! Link Removed Now THAT'S service! :wink:
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    Stopped by Police with concealed carry

    The PA forum is where this thread is now, but I can't help but wonder whether it was first posted somewhere else and moved here later on by staff. I don't believe the forum gives a permanent visual indication that a thread was moved unless a moderator chooses to leave a marker to that effect...
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    VA Convience Store Employees Afraid of Open Carry Guns

    Link Removed I think we're supposed to hand them our cell phone when we do that, but I'm not crazy about handing my cell over to someone I already think is crazy. I may offer to dial the number for them though! :biggrin:
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    Driving through several states

    The part I made bold is completely wrong. I have no idea where you go this information, but at this point I think I'm just going to ask for a citation of law. Both open carry and concealed carry are legal, in Philadelphia, inside city limits, or however else you want to say it. LEGAL. By...
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    Firearms and vehicles

    Indeed, however, the definition for vehicle I used was not found in the motor vehicle code as it does not apply in the statutes... Link Removed Here is the one from the Vehicle Code: I am not a lawyer, and I'm not sure how to...
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    Firearms and vehicles

    My corrections in red. You take a big chance relying on others to read the law for you and much of what you have been told is incorrect and could get you some serious convictions, and prohibited from firearms possession for life. Here are several sources for the Pennsylvania Uniform Firearms...
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    Beautiful, Marvelous rant

    Another bit about compromise, in case you haven't seen it... Link Removed
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    Ar 15 carry

    :sigh: An AR-15 is not a "firearm" as defined within the PA Uniform Firearms act. You should keep reading. Most people (not cops) are prohibited from transporting a loaded rifle, long gun, shotgun, etc., even if licensed. The PA UFA defines a firearm:
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    I voted

    Voter #1286 checking in. In and out in less than 20 minutes, no perfume detected. And I now have yet another pic for my collection, I loves me some open carry... Link Removed :D .
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    Link to Pennsylvania Uniform Firearm Act

    Here is an attorney's take on it, fast-forward to post #216... Are contrary views of Open Carry Verbooten on PAFOA - Page 11 Here is the trespassing statute he is referring to... Link Removed
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    New forum for 2A in PA...

    Just want to pass along the info. I think the idea is basically a PA focus, but events occurring all over are still significant, and folks from all over are encouraged to check it out. Maybe even participate! direct for signing up new members... Link Removed
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    Being adamant about not providing info. when asked

    . Posted by "Citizen" over on Open Carry dot Org and encouraged to spread it around...
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    Overnight stay in PA

    Quoted for truth. :wink:
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    Open Carry In PA

    I've been OCing for almost 3 1/2 years, throughout PA, but mostly the south-central counties. I go everywhere I can legally. My wife works at a 24-hour establishment that area cops frequent. I'm in there almost every evening, along with City, State, County, even Sheriff's Deputies. Strange...
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    OC on school property with a CPL NOT illegal in Michigan.....

    Link Removed Been doing it here for 3 years. The reactions I get are all the same... smiles and winks, along with the occasional supportive comments. Isn't it amazing, the difference between the reality of the actual experience, as opposed to the hysteria of unfounded fear.