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Hi. I recently logged eariler today in the afternoon to post a new thread in response to the shootings in Texas and Ohio. The thread contained a link to a Youtube video I made in response to Emma Gonzalez speech that pointed out incidents where individuals pulled off attacks without firearms. When I posted the thread I was told it has to be approved first which i'm OK with however I wanted to know the status of my thread since it's been a few hours. I don't mind waiting more, but I just would like some closure. Thanks!
Hello, All. It's been quite a while since My last visit. I've been dealing with a lot of major health issues going on with My Wife. I am happy to say that it seems that She has turned the corner on 3+ years of bad luck, and is now getting better. Hopefully, I won't be a stranger here, going forward.

Randy T. Davidson (mrmudzilla)
Did you actually get your question about PFZ's answered? It looked to me like a bunch of people from out of state tried to give you bad advice. If you need more info see my page at michigan gun free zones cpl | Got CPL? - Defensive Firearm Training
Denied pistol but I have my cpl I have no felonies and only have a reckless traffic charge back in 2006 any reason why I got denied a pistol?
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Hello. I saw a post of yours on the forum. You mention a Sheriff in Sacremento that supports the second ammemdmemt and can issue conceal carry permits for the state of California. I am moving to California and am wondering if i can still get in contact with this Sheriff since i will be driving through Sacremento. If you could give me the mumber of the Sheriffs department or station i would appreciate that. Thank you.
Hello, I would like to understand why your system is broken. I have been a verified member now for a few days and still cannot edit my profile, set an Avatar, or configure a signature. What gives? Should I take it as a sign and just leave ~ letting everyone I come across know of my bad experience with this site?

Please advise.
Please keep me informed on my Constitutional 2nd Amendment in The State of Indiana.Our right to carry a unlicensed and no permit to carry concealed or openly,the politician's do not realize the bad guy's do not pay any attention to any of there law's.
I read that the cry baby MilproG2 was bitching at you on your post Illegals for Hillary. This person is a POS and all he likes to do is attack others here and he never posts anything to add to the site. He’s the pimple on the ass of misfortune.